Sunday, 28 July 2013


I Have been scouring the internet far and wide to find a way to make real legit money. Usually it turns up a bust
What really drives me bonkers is when you see 1000000 damn post about doing a survey and you'll make money what they don't say is that you get approx from my experience 1.00$ per, also most of them cannot be done unless you fit the criteria I.e a 25 yr old male, from Canada, lives in suburb. Owns 2 cats. All of them have a specific audience that they want to target to do the surveys, so even after you do all the registration garbage you can maybe do one or two surveys before you have reached your limit on what you can do, until they post new ones and even then you might not be eligible to do it.
Has I go I'm going to post until I find what makes money, then I will explain it in a transparent clear to understand no bull way. That's my plan here

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