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Placing Meta Tags In Your Blog For SEO

placing a meta tag on a website
  Placing meta tags in your HTML for your website of blog is critical to getting the traffic your site deserves. Meta elements provide information about a given Web page, most often to help search engines categorize them correctly You can spend as many hours as you like making a lot of post and add great content on a regular basis and it will be OK. however placing non- generic meta tags into your blog or website will give the search engine "robots" something to look at has they crawl your site and try to interpret what your site is about. The meta data can be used by browsers (how to display content or reload page), search engines (keywords), or other web services. Meta tage are found within the <head> element of your page. do not place them within the <body> element. usually if you do the search engine will ignore is and you will basically cause a invalid mark up.

<meta name="description" content="description here">
<meta name="keywords" content="Keywords separated by comma's">
<meta name="author" content="your name">
<meta charset="UTF-8">

This is really not all that hard to understand on the first tag <meta name="description" content= PLACE A STRONG DESCPRPTION OF YOUR SITE HERE"> make it clear and decisive so you attract the proper kind of traffic.

in the second meta tag <mete name="keywords" content=" PLACE YOUR KEYWORDS HERE">
in the second area place your keywords for your site. Use Google Adword |"keyword tool" to find the most suitable ones. avoid the ones with high competition you will usually never win with them to many big sites compete for them. use the ones with 800-1200 searches a month and the highest CPC ( cost per click) that you can find relating you your site. don't use more then 20.

in the third meta <mete name="author" content=" YOUR NAME"> place your name it simply shows your the one who created this page.

I strongly advise placing meta tags in your web page. Doing this is not a requirement but it will bost your traffic.

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