Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Google Sniper Review

So here's something that I would be absolutely nowhere with.  I have zero experience in SEO (search engine optimization), well that's not good considering were starting to work at home making websites. Here's the kicker if no one can find our web sites, they wont make any money and we might has well be holding a cup for change on the side of the highway.

Google sniper is gonne be critical for us. This has helped me time and time again to rank my sites on all the major search engines so people can actually find our sites when they search for whatever search terms are related to what your trying to do. Like I said if you haven't been paying attention threw all this TRAFFIC IS KEY!!!. Even if no one purchases anything or hires you for anything. You can still make a very nice income from people viewing content based advertisements on your site or blog. Thanks for reading Please feel free to Comment below.

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