Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Finding The Elusive Niche

        Finding a niche is almost important has the content you plan to write about. Sure you can start a blog about everything and anything, but if there is 9 million other blogs about the same thing what's the point. Think about all that competition. If your just starting out it will be difficult for you to get a foot in the door yet alone own the room. Finding a niche is not as difficult as it sound. Some sites will give you total non-sense ideas. Telling you to buy their product because it is the oh so amazing incredible niche finder. Before you even consider buying something like this let's think for a minute. How in the blue moon would a piece of software be able to say yup that's the new thing that's searched just the right amount of times to not be competitive but its popular, Pretty simple it can't. No program out there is going to be able to give you that Huge money making niche. Here is one pretty idiot proof way to find that niche that's impossible to find.

1. Go to google and type random words,.
            Duffel bag
            Cat portraits
           (anything "how to, or what if works great)

                I don't care what you type. Just remember people will be more likely to read your article if it help them solve a problem. What your looking for is that one word that comes up where you think to yourself. Wow I didn't even know people searched that so much... Once you find this pay attention to the suggestion words Google gives. Example you type in "how to T.." and the suggestion box comes up and it says "how to tie a tie"....  remember this is just a example. So there's your keyword phrase " how to tie  a tie"

2. Go to google AdWords and pull up the keywords tool (under tools and analysis). Then type your phrase in there "how to tie a tie" and you will instantly know how many searches it has a month and what the competition is like for that keyword phrase

     We know have a sheet that shows us which words have high competition. Its also showing the  average CPC. Pick words with low competition and a high CPC and work your site around that. Obviously don't pick this one this was just a example. You'll have to take your time and search a lot of terms to find something. Once you find something take one of the keywords you get and put it back into the tool and it will just spit out more words. Keep doing this until you have a nice list of key words to export to excel. Don't get me wrong here, this is not a fool proof method but I find it works great and its not all to difficult to find key words that will actually get you some traffic on whatever topic you want. Plus if gives you a little heads up on what the CPC, the higher that is the better.

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Wahyu Eka Prasetiyarini said...

Niche is powerful for any blog. Blog has a niche will become professional and SEO Friendly. Thanks for your sharing knowledge :)

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