Friday, 2 August 2013

Make Money With Your Blog


        Its easy to look at the people who are high on there tower over looking the city riding a 5000$ a month blog and say "I can do that". What you may not be seeing is that its a lot more difficult then you might think. The hard part is not actually making the money but getting the followers and constant traffic. Once you get that you can simply implement Google AdSense and you could be sitting pretty. Many bloggers get stuck on the idea of making money with a blog and its definably possible but the simple truth of it is you cant make a truck load of cash off a blog over night or even in a few month. It takes time and a lot of dedication to make a blog that people want to read and visit over and over again. Even if you add a massive amount of excellent content it doesn't mean people will be able to fine it and explore it easily. In this article I'm going to take a look at Adsense and the benefits of having it on your site

         For those of you who don't know Adsense is a Google advertising program that displays contextual advertisements on your blog or web page. It is a great way to supplement your income and installing it onto you page is as easy as taking a few lines of HTML ( that Google provides) and putting it into your page. Google also has other tools to earn income such as the site search tool where you make money when people search your site and also the referral program where you make money when your refer someone onto a Google product. If you don't already use Google Adsense here's a quick link to get you started

         Now you may think that earning a revenue off a blog sounds like a easy task. After all blogs are meant to accumulate a massive amount of content and this is how Adsense works. It feeds off the content of your site to deliver targeted ads to your readers which increases your chances of people click on them. Now having a tonne of content sound easy if I was talking about 15- 20 articles, to bad I'm not. I'm talking more like 500 also you have to have hundreds if not thousand of pages that have been indexed by the search engines. Now obviously a single person cannot do this them selves, well they could but it would take a long time and you would lose interest in the whole Idea of making money with your blog because you'd have to buy another computer because you probably tossed yours out the window.

         The solution for this is article directories and using guest post's. Article directories are basically people exchanging articles for back links that will gain them a better standing in the oh so important Google page rank system. So you go to a article directory site and say your looking for a article on gardening or whatever topic you chose. Then someone will come to you with a article fitting your description that they wrote and will offer it to you in exchange for a back link or two. This is a excellent way to build up you content so you can get the traffic to actually make Google Adsense a worth while add on to your site

anything less then 500 visitors a month and you can expect to make a whopping 0.45 cents a month. not to amazing but its a start, remember content is king. Now whether or not you can create a blog that produces a massive profit every month or just pocket change that's up to you it depends on how many hours your willing to sit in front of your computer and promote it. never belive anyone that says one hour a week is all you need. I easily spend 3-5 hours a day after work and before bed working on different aspects of mine and I have yet to get the 5000$ blog. Take your time and do it right put in the hours and you may be able to quit you job, some day, maybe.

Best wishes.


Adnan Ahmed said...

Yup by Blogging money can be earned but it needs consistency n hardwork

thanks for sharing great article


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