Sunday, 4 August 2013

Installing HTML Templates in Blogger.

    The default templates for blogger are junk, hard to optimise and generally don't end up looking as good as they could. your probably not going to be able to monetise a blog that looks like a 5 year old kid made it for his science project ( that would actually be impressive) fortunately Google blogger allows you to access the HTML ( hyper text markup language) of your page so you can tweak it anyway you like. this gets a lot more in depth and ill be posting more about it as soon as I can, you can pretty much turn blogger into a hosting service because you can change the HTML of your page into anything you like.

    Anyways Luckily this can also be fixed go to this site Find a template that works for you as well as your content and wont make you blog look clunky or be a turn off to your readers, and download it. Once it downloads save it in note-pad high lite and copy the whole thing except for the top line that should be in asterisks and the last line which is also in asterisks.

    From your blogger dash board click on the templates menu. then under the picture of your current blog you will see a button that says view HTML. click this and wait for it all to load. on line 10- 20 you should see the tag <b:skin> remove everything AFTER this until the writing turns green again ( everything in blue is the template, this is what your removing and replacing)

Changing you template will also help you rank better with the search engines. Apparently to Google when you uses a standard template it doesn't look so good (so I have been told). Any comments on this topic will be welcome next article will be about adding custom <mete> tags to a blog so it will be easy for google to locate, crawl and the page will achieve a high page rank.

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