Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Why Most People Will Fail, Including You.

1. Perseverance
       There's a funny thing about working from home, blogging or whatever you choose to do. It's's slow and takes a lot to get going, and I mean alot. Naturally people get about a month into it from my experience and throw their hands up saying "this is impossible". You might be suprised to know this but it's very common. If it was easy everyone else would be doing it already, prime example is myself. I started a blog and plugged away at it for a bit and after countless articles I would check my views and be disappointed to only see 5 people read anything (over 2 months!), and that most people left my pages after around 45 seconds. DONT QUIT!!!. This is critical I quit and threw in the towel and went back to work. I'll never forget the feeling of defeat. oddly enough about a month after that I decided I'd check my views again, suprise I had over 500 views and most people stayed on my pages for around 4-5 minutes. obviously that reignited my ambition and away I went again. Now my blog runs quite well and produces me a nice little income.

2. Wrong Type Of Promotion.

        Here's a nice little tid bit of info. If you don't share your articles,  why would anyone else?.  Using social media such has Twitter and Facebook and the other billion types of content sharing sites is the best way to get what you wrote onto someone's screen. Don't be afraid to share your article's.  If there good enough others will share them too and you'll have more traffic which equals more profit. Now I'm not saying go around and spam your links everywhere, no one likes a spammer. Instead try to meet like minded individuals who will genuinely appreciate what you have just written.

4. Making a "Me Blog.

        Ever wonder why people go to the Internet for everything?. Pretty simple, everyone is looking for a answer or a solution to a problem that THEY have. So stop making the site about you and your problems. Instead focus on helping you're readers solve their problems. A good example is this site. I work from home, it's something I tried to do for a very long time and I always failed miserably. Now that I do, I try to focus on helping my readers achieve the same dream. Think about it... there's billions floating around on the Internet in revenue from advertisements. What would you do with even just a small chunk of that money. There's enough there for everyone who is capable to work from there couch. You just have to learn how.

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