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Sunday, 7 June 2015

5 ways to keep your blog viral.

Everyone already knows writing a blog that is viral is difficult if not impossible for some. It takes time, effort and almost too much patience. Most of which I do not have. I'm the opposite if patient and j would rather not spend my whole day writing articles. Unfortunately however if you don't. Your blog will most likely fizzle away before it even gets going. Here's 5 critical the ways to help keep you blog running in tip top shape.

1. Use fiver: fiver.Com is outstanding. You can go to this site and pay someone 5$ to write a pretty good guest blog post. Saves you time and as we all know time is money. I find this useful if I need to fill a space on a site but I just dont have the time to put together a article.

2. Update daily: the only way to keep traffic comming to your site is to give them a reason to keep comming back. Why woukd anyone come back to a site that never gets updates. The Internet is full of people seeking answers to a question, find the questions and provide the good answers and people will come back.

3 Sell something: if you do end up getting your blog viral. 100k views a day...300 comments on each post... Start selling something. By this point you would have a pretty good follower base. These people will be more apt to buy something with your seal of approval because you sir,have already made yourself a success so it must work.

4. Pop-ups: Get rid of em. If you use them you suck and most likely annoy all of your readers. Especially Content lockers, those stupid screens that ask for your email so you can see the article. If you use those your a bad person...

5. Be Creative, Be Yourself: No one wants to read a boring article that sounds like a robot just regurgitate crap on the keyboard. It's your blog, make sure there's some you in it.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Why Most People Will Fail, Including You.

1. Perseverance
       There's a funny thing about working from home, blogging or whatever you choose to do. It's's slow and takes a lot to get going, and I mean alot. Naturally people get about a month into it from my experience and throw their hands up saying "this is impossible". You might be suprised to know this but it's very common. If it was easy everyone else would be doing it already, prime example is myself. I started a blog and plugged away at it for a bit and after countless articles I would check my views and be disappointed to only see 5 people read anything (over 2 months!), and that most people left my pages after around 45 seconds. DONT QUIT!!!. This is critical I quit and threw in the towel and went back to work. I'll never forget the feeling of defeat. oddly enough about a month after that I decided I'd check my views again, suprise I had over 500 views and most people stayed on my pages for around 4-5 minutes. obviously that reignited my ambition and away I went again. Now my blog runs quite well and produces me a nice little income.

2. Wrong Type Of Promotion.

        Here's a nice little tid bit of info. If you don't share your articles,  why would anyone else?.  Using social media such has Twitter and Facebook and the other billion types of content sharing sites is the best way to get what you wrote onto someone's screen. Don't be afraid to share your article's.  If there good enough others will share them too and you'll have more traffic which equals more profit. Now I'm not saying go around and spam your links everywhere, no one likes a spammer. Instead try to meet like minded individuals who will genuinely appreciate what you have just written.

4. Making a "Me Blog.

        Ever wonder why people go to the Internet for everything?. Pretty simple, everyone is looking for a answer or a solution to a problem that THEY have. So stop making the site about you and your problems. Instead focus on helping you're readers solve their problems. A good example is this site. I work from home, it's something I tried to do for a very long time and I always failed miserably. Now that I do, I try to focus on helping my readers achieve the same dream. Think about it... there's billions floating around on the Internet in revenue from advertisements. What would you do with even just a small chunk of that money. There's enough there for everyone who is capable to work from there couch. You just have to learn how.

Comments welcome.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Easy Ways To Get Traffic to Your Blog

how to get traffic to a blogOk folks so here I am again with my daily tid bit of advice. Over the years I have spent tonnes of money and more importantly my time on trying to find something I can to work from home. I spent hours combing the internet looking for anything that could actually make me and my family money. Obviously no success. So about 4 or 6 days ago I was at it again looking all over the place for.something and I was met with nothing but garbage. You all know exactly what
I'm talking abou "stay at home mom make 40000000 per day". This kind of useless junk just annoys me sideways. Mostly because its not a actually online business its just someone preying on people to get them to buy a certain product or "started package" just so they can change there name and never refund anyone. It sickens me that people no a days can be so greedy and ruthless.
       Over the years I have tried everything I even opened a online store and that failed after about a month because I couldn't get the traffic. There simply wasn't enough people going to my site to turn a high enough profit to go anywhere. So I concluded that the only way to have anything successful over the internet is high volumes of traffic. Oddly enough what eluded me when I need it, showed up when I didn't needed it, I started blogging about the garbage on the internet and voila, traffic galor.
Now my blog is only a few days old almost 5 days to be exact. And I have over 400 visitors. I went from 0-448 at the moment in a few days by doing these simple things. So now I'm going to shut up and tell you exactly what I did

1. Commenting- usually every day I go around to approximately 5-10 blogs and I just comment, DON'T SPAM THEM. Spamming someone's blog is not a way to gain any followers usually you'll just annoy people and its all around just not good. Post a comment and actually have a conversation with them, remember the other blogger is just like you trying to gain a following and have traffic actually visit there blog as well. And after you have been talking for a bit maybe the other blogger will visit your blog and leave a comment as well and you will have networked with another blog that you can do guest post on and also have a link to yours and vise versa.
      Now commenting is also a double edged sword. When you comment on someone else's blog or website you are leaving behind your link. When you leave behind your link you are creating what is known as a "back link". A back link is essentially another entry way into your site and this is something google looks at when there doing there page ranking. So to sum it up more commenting on other post and, you network with other bloggers that can help you and you help them. Also you create more back links every time and this will improve your google page rank.

2. Share Share And Share Some More- go to social sharing and media sites and post your content and articles
Go to sites like these and share your content and articles. Be sure to post your content in the proper are. There is no point in writing a big long article on making soap and then posting it under future technologies, it's just dumb. You may get some traffic by doing that but it'll be the wrong type of traffic and your bound rate Will be off the chart simple because you directed people to your page that were not even looking for that content.

3. Google+- Google+ is a outstanding resource, you're looking for people to follow your blog, cool. Use google+ and start following some other blogs. Join some circles and network spread your name as far as possible and share your articles constantly.

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