Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Online Money Making With E-Commerce

     Recently I'm sure you can all relate there have been an increasing amount of sites that offer "turn key stores" . Basically these are companies that allow you to set up your own URL and run a online store. Which in theory sounds like a brilliant simple and clean idea. It is but there is also a lot of problems with this type of set up.
     First things first, you got your store up and running and all is going according to your master plan. So what are you going to sell have you givin any thought as to what products you can offer that will actually be at an advantageous price that people will want to buy. Now, obviously there is solutions to this so you can actually make money with your online store.
      Ever hear of drop shipping?. The idea behind this is that you go to a web site (plenty exist just google drop shipping) and pay a monthly subscription fee ie www.Doba.com. now by doing this you avoid having to hold product or having any form of inventory. So people go to your page search the products that you uploaded and when the consumer orders anything from your online store you simply log on to you're drop shippers website and complete the order and have it sent to there address.
        Ok so all this seems great but where the problem is again is that you have to have traffic to drive sales. It's a simple concept no traffic no sales. Getting traffic to you're site seems like an easy thing but in reality it is why most normal every days folks fail. There are just to many people probably doing te same thing your doing and if your unfamiliar with SEO (search engine optimization) I would get acquainted with it real fast. But either way there are companies that you can hire to optimize your site so you have a better google page rank.
       Another thing is don't buy traffic one its usually a bloody scam because I fell for this one. It never worked not even for a bit I didn't even see a slight bump in traffic. Do everything you can to stick to clean traffic, unbought and directed to you threw back links or another search engine.
       Then you have the taxes. Yup that's right folks you want to run a legitimate online business then you'll have to pay the piper just like everyone else. Now that not the worst part. The worst part Is that the taxes for different places are different. so I'm sure you can imagine how confusing this gets. But say you do turn into the next amazon I'm sure you would hate to close after 5 yrs for tax evasion. So I suggests sitting down and plugging threw this step with a pot of coffee.
       Another important detail I just want to touch on is shipping. Most drop ship companies that I have tried will only ship to the stated so I suggest checking there shipping regulations before you bother. No point in getting hopes of owning this massive online store and it only working in the states where everyone would rather just go to wall mart.
       If you feel this might be for you email me and I can see if I can help you by giving you some of my personal experience and advice, Aswell as some sites I used.

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